When you painted on earth…it was because you caught glimpses of heaven in the earthly landscape” — C.S.Lewis

I can say undoubtedly this is why I paint. When I first attempted oils, I painted landscapes; living in Montana has given me a visual paradise. I painted the sky for years, then noticed the landscape, the wildlife and farm animals. There is an endless supply of material to paint from right in my back yard. Literally, there are days I go into my studio with such enthusiasm because of the amount of wonderful paintings I have yet to do.

Soon after I was married I took a painting course at the University I had graduated from several years before. I will never forget my professors comment when he critiqued my full body of work, “ There is a Presence that is very apparent in your paintings.” Unfortunately, I did not pick the brush up again till 2 decades later. When I did it was like I had come home and all my previous art experience would add to this new medium. Taking a class on painting people would also move me into an unexpected avenue in my artistic journey. When I successfully painted my first person I was happily surprised. I took the class because I was so afraid of failing when it came to people. Now, I am hooked, I paint with a wonderful group of artists every week with a live model.

Painting has the power to bring us into an intimate encounter with beauty and touch places within us we didn’t realize existed. I desire to go deeper into that experience; I sense the presence of God when I paint, and I hope that comes through my work.